Accounting Test Prep


Does the website cover the same content my professor will put on my test?

The content is guaranteed to relate to 95%+ of the questions on your test.

Many textbook "test banks" were reviewed when compiling this website and the content corresponds directly with test banks. Professors use these "test banks" when they write tests.

The content was reviewed by MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching), a group of professors who review online materials, with the following comments:

  • The content is clear, concise, and relevant, with information presented at the appropriate level.
  • An excellent feature is that the site corresponds with any textbook. All topics are listed on the left side of the screen and it is easy to find the proper study module.
  • The depth of the explanations is terrific.
  • The modules reinforce accounting concepts taught in the classroom.
  • The ease of use of the website is one of the most outstanding features.

Does the website follow along with my textbook?

All accounting textbooks cover the same topics as the website. Each topic listed down the left side of the class homepage will relate to a chapter in your textbook.

The most commonly used textbooks with a chapter by chapter correlation are listed below. The website will also follow the chapters in a textbook that is not listed.

No textbook reference is necessary for Intermediate 1 and 2. The subjects in each chapter are very clearly those that are listed down the left side of the website.

How should I use this website?

  • Go to the subject on the left side that corresponds with a chapter in your textbook.
  • Review the brief Key Things to Know for the subject you are studying.
  • Go through the self-test multiple-choice problems to make sure you understand the new words and formulas.
  • Work the easy test, then the medium test, followed by the hard test as your understanding significantly increases.
  • Make sure you write out the answers to the problems on paper (like you will do on your test.) Find out what you really don’t know, before you take your test, and do it right on your test.

You will be prepared for all the "tricks" and "curveballs". The problems incorporate the different ways your professors could format questions. Go into your test with confidence because you know it!

What if I purchase the website and it doesn't help me?

Email us and let us know the website is not helpful and we will grant a full refund, no questions asked. The refund must be requested within 48 hours of purchase.

We have received very few refund requests.