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We know how it feels to study for hours and do bad on a test because textbook homework problems do not help you understand it all.

  We know you can do better with the right kind of help!

Over 10,000 students have used Accounting Test Prep and improved their grade and you should too!

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This website was created by Dr. Janice Cobb, CPA, to help her own students do well on the test because homework problems just are not enough.

She knows from her many years of experience (creating tests and using many different test banks) the key things students must know for accounting tests.

         Her students found it so helpful they asked her to make it available to you also.

A group of accounting professors who review online materials (MERLOT) reviewed the content on this website and said:

  • Content is clear, concise, and relevant
  • Depth of the explanations is terrific
  • Information is presented at the appropriate level
  • Corresponds with all textbooks
  • Content is easy to find
  • Topics follow classroom teaching
  • Outstanding ease of use
Dr. Janice Cobb, CPA, has been teaching at the TCU Neeley School of Business since 1997. She teaches a variety of accounting classes to TCU undergrads, MBA students, and all levels of business managers. She has received many teaching awards over the years, including the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Outstanding Educator Award (2006), the TCU Neeley School’s Innovative Teaching Award (2015), TCU Neeley School Effective Teaching Award (2018), and the TCU Neeley School Dean’s Teaching Award (2010 & 2020).

Prior to coming to TCU, she managed cost reimbursable contracts at Lockheed Martin Corporation, performed audits for a big 4 public accounting firm, worked as compliance officer and controller for a fast-growing hedge fund, and served as corporate controller of a public company and chief financial officer of a privately held distribution company. She earned a BBA in management, an MBA, and a Doctorate of Education (how students learn).