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Without Accounting Test Prep, you

don’t know what you don’t know
(until after you take the test).

uncertain of what will be on your test

do not have conceptual multiple-choice
questions to study.

feel rushed as you take the test

work the same homework problems
over and over until you know the answers
and still don’t really understand.

are not prepared to answer test
questions in a different format than
homework problems

do not reach your potential

With Accounting Test Prep, you

see what you don’t know and learn
it before the test.

see the most commonly
tested questions and procedures
in test format

have the answers to 40 or more
conceptual multiple-choice questions
for each topic.

learn step by step procedures
that save you time on your test

see new questions and problems with
fully explained answers

will easily answer questions in
commonly used “test” formats not
used in homework problems.

improve your GPA and 
achieve your goals.