Cost Accounting

Open to see guidance on how to use the materials for each subject
  • Start by identifying and clicking on the subject you need to learn

  • Review the Key Things to Know for the topic.
  • Watch the Video Lectures for Step-by-Step instruction for procedures.
  • Take the Self-Test to make sure you understand the terminology and formulas.
  • Work the Practice as You Learn problems to reinforce the concepts you’ve reviewed.
  • Now you’re ready to start to work your practice tests!
    • Work the Self Test, then the Easy Test, followed by the Medium Test and
      Hard Test (if it gets harder) as your understanding significantly increases.
  • Take specific notes on what you are missing and what to watch out for so that you do not make the same mistake on your test.
  • Make sure you write out the answers to the problems on paper (like you will do on your test).